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A Nation Asks: Are We Ferocious Lions or Peaceful Cats?



When Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled a bronze sculpture of India’s nationwide emblem final month that includes 4 lions, folks instantly began asking: Are the massive cats too fierce?

India’s emblem, adopted in 1950, is modeled after a sculpture relationship again greater than 2,000 years to the reign of Emperor Ashoka, who famously renounced armed conquest to take up Buddhism and promote peace. The brand new 21-foot-tall forged, weighing in at round 21,000 kilos, went atop a parliament constructing being in-built New Delhi.

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Meta Officials Withhold Data – Cites Security Concerns



Facebook Platform

Meta officials have informed organizations that they will be unable to reveal the results of the inquiry into hate speech on their platform in India. The Executive revealed that the report would not be published due to security concerns.

Meta has published a report that assesses the impact of the platform on human rights in India. The concerns include a failure to monitor hate speech directed at minorities. Human rights activists were dissatisfied that Meta officials only provided generic summaries of its evaluations in India.

When the study was first released, Meta officials had already indicated that they would not release the study in its totality. The firm argues that it used UN guidelines which advise against disclosing information that might endanger interested parties. There has been uproar about the Facebook privacy issue case study and the failure to address it.

The study released in 2020 by Meta’s security team indicated that a Hindu nationalist supported violence. Despite the concerns and the push to ban the group from Facebook, the Meta officials failed to do so.

This comes after protesters, activists, and businesspeople have criticized the BJP-led government.  Those engaged in the protest risk harassment, prosecutions, and other uncouth measures such as tax raids.


Laws and policies that discriminate against religious minorities, particularly Muslims, together with the demonization of Muslims by some BJP officials and police inaction in the face of violent BJP supporters, gave Hindu nationalist organizations the confidence to assault Muslims and opponents of the government with impunity.


Civil rights organizations in India continue to push for the release of the study that shows Meta’s involvement in the dissemination of hate speech. The Facebook privacy issue 2022 marks the company’s continued cases around the world.

What’s Next for Meta Officials?

Last week’s revelations have not furthered our knowledge of Meta’s accountability and dedication to stopping the proliferation of hazardous information. Meta just shifted the spotlight to end users and 3rd parties. 

The report calls for Meta to open up and be transparent on how its inaction has led to violations of human rights. It also opens a can of worms on how algorithms might magnify hate speech if left unchecked. Indians have also called for Facebook data issues to be addressed.

Meta is aware of the key factors that have been contributing to the continued spread of hate speech and disinformation. The Indian case attempts to hold the platform responsible for issues that have an impact on human rights.

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Nord Stream Mysterious Gas Leaks Under Europe’s Radar



European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen: Credits – Valentyn Ogirenko

The Nord Stream pipeline attacks have forced Germany, Denmark, and Sweden to dive into investigations.

The Minister for Economy in German has lamented that the leaks were deliberate and not caused by natural events. He argued that the mysterious leaks which have happened were planned.

The Polish leaders also cited sabotage but are yet to provide evidence on Nord Stream 2 current status. The only countries which have called for further investigations into the issue were Denmark and Sweden. The two nations also feel that the results of the purposeful acts were sabotage which was well-calculated and executed.

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin, described it as “very alarming news. In fact, there has been some damage to the pipeline in Denmark’s economic zone, albeit of an ambiguous sort.” The continent’s energy security, he claimed, was impacted.


Any lingering hopes that Europe may get fuel via Nord Stream 1 before winter would be dashed by the events, even though neither pipeline was pumping gas to Europe when the breaches were discovered.


In contrast, Norway announced it will increase security at its oil and gas facilities in response to leaks and allegations of drone activity in the North Sea, according to a statement by Energy Minister Terje Aasland.

Authorities in Denmark requested that the sector’s readiness be increased, which would call for increased safety for power infrastructure and facilities.

As Europe investigates an unexplained leak in Nord Stream gas pipelines, there is tension because Russia had cut back gas supply to Europe via Nord Stream 1 before stooping completely in August.

After the spill at Nord Stream 2, which has not yet begun commercial operations, Danish officials advised ships to avoid the area off Bornholm.


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World Leaders and Mourners Queue in Japan



world leaders paying tribute to Shinzo Abe

World leaders and successors of Shinzo Abe paid tribute to Japan’s longest-serving prime minister at a state funeral, while thousands of people protested the event nearby.

Tuesday was no ordinary day for Japan, as thousands gathered to pay respect to a leader who was lauded for his diplomacy and economic achievements—Shinzo Abe. Flowers were placed next to the Nippon Budokan arena. Due to the enormous number of people attending the funeral, organizers opened the concession booths earlier than intended.

There were protests and resistance towards the funeral plans due to the expenditure used to organize the funeral. The anti-event protests were staged across the city, from the parliament to a march that proceeded from Hibiya to Tokyo Station. Over twenty thousand police officers were deployed to calm the protests.

Divided Nation and World Leaders

Abe served as the head of the government for the longest period and has gained a lot of praise from world leaders. Female world leaders, such as Kamala Harris, and leaders of the free world were also in attendance. Shinzo Abe died on July 8 while on a campaign in Nara.


Since Shinzo Abe died, there has been a growing backlash against his Liberal Democratic Party, with many criticizing his alleged connections to the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, often known as the Unification Church.


Abe gave a lecture at the church in September of last year. However, the institution has disputed whether he served as an advisor or a member of the congregation. The church is viewed as a cult by its detractors because it performs mass marriages and is well-known for its relentless congregational fundraising.

As leaders in the world mourn the death of Shinzo Abe, the country remains divided. Some feel that the government carried out the funeral in an improper manner. They argue that the legislature was not consulted, making the decision made by Kishida illegal.


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Leaning in – Giorgia Meloni First Female Prime Minister of Italy.



Giorgia Meloni picture. AFP
Giorgia Meloni made a declaration on Monday that she was ready to lead all Italians after her eurosceptic populists surged to victory in the recent elections. She became one of the first right-wing leaders to be in power since World War II. Credits: AFP

Giorgia Meloni made a declaration on Monday that she was ready to lead all Italians after her eurosceptic populists surged to victory in the recent elections. She became one of the first right-wing leaders to be in power since World War II.

One in four voters in Sunday’s election supported Meloni’s Brothers of Italy celebration, which has neo-fascist roots, according to Giorgia Meloni’s Facebook critics. But the joy inspires a coalition that is poised to take control of parliament.

Her victory marks a sea shift for the EU and Italy, the third-largest financial system in the eurozone, only weeks after the far-right fared better than expected in elections in Sweden.

It is likely that Meloni, who ran on the platform of “God, nation, and family,” will become Italy’s first female prime minister, though the process of putting together a new government might take weeks. The 45-year-old attempted to calm those concerned about her lack of experience and radical past during a period of growing inflation, an impending energy calamity, and the conflict in Ukraine.


Is Everyone Ready for the Ride?

Voters, according to Meloni, had sent a “clear message” supporting her party’s bid to lead their right-wing alliance to power.


“If we are recognized for ruling this country, we will do it for all Italians. We’re going to do it with the intention of bringing people together and highlighting their similarities rather than their differences, she told reporters. The same message has been clearly based on Georgia Meloni Twitter posts.

Her coalition partners, Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia and the far-right League of Matteo Salvini are behind her in the polls. However, it was predicted that they would win 43% of the vote overall, which would be enough to secure a majority in both houses of parliament.

Although the results won’t be known until later Monday, the coalition’s main adversaries on the left, the Democratic Celebration, conceded, calling it an “unhappy” day. With 9 times less participation than in the final elections in 2018, turnout dropped to a historic low of about 64%.

A New Brexit in Motion

Meloni Georgia wants Italy to leave the eurozone but believes Rome should defend its interests more. He also has proposals that challenge Brussels on a variety of issues, including public spending guidelines and mass migration.

Soon, she received congratulations from her nationalist supporters across the continent, including Mateusz Morawiecki, the prime minister of Poland, and Vox, a far-right party in Spain. Santiago Abascal, the CEO of Vox, tweeted, ” Giorgia Meloni has shown the greatest approach for a proud, free Europe of autonomous states.”

Since Mario Draghi, the prime minister, called for immediate elections in July because of the dissolution of his government of national unity, Meloni Giorgia has dominated opinion surveys.

When the former head of the European Central Bank parachuted in to lead a nation still suffering from the coronavirus outbreak in February 2021, her party was the only one that did not join Draghi’s government.

According to Lorenzo De Sio, chairman of the Italian political research center CISE, Meloni chose a “very careful, very soothing marketing effort” in contrast to Draghi’s “extremely forceful” opposition strategy.

“Her challenge is to translate this election win into a stable governing administration,” he said.

Since 1946, there have been over seventy different governments in Italy, and Meloni, Salvini, and Berlusconi frequently disagree.

The Corriere Della Sera newspaper claimed that Meloni’s “dissatisfied and mostly vanquished friends” would be a “downside.”

With eight percent each, The League and Forza Italia looked to have performed poorly, down from 17 and 14 percent, respectively, in 2018.

Salvini tweeted “Grazie!” (Thanks!) as preliminary results came in, praising the coalition’s success, while Berlusconi called Meloni to express his congratulations.

‘Giorgia Meloni Fascismo’

Benito Mussolini’s followers founded the post-fascist movement, and Meloni herself lauded him when she was younger. This is where Brothers of Italy has their origins.

She has tried to disassociate herself from the past as she turned her celebration into a political campaign, increasing it from only 4% of the vote in 2018 to Sunday’s anticipated victory.

Her alliance ran on a platform of low taxes, ending large immigration, and Catholic family values; detractors fear that this could lead to a rollback of hard-won rights like abortion.

Meloni, a straight-talking Roman who was nurtured by a single mother, argues against “LGBT lobbies,” “woke ideology,” and “the savagery of Islam.”

The alliance contends that the approximately two hundred billion euros ($193 billion) that Italy is going to receive should be considered considering the energy crisis and that the EU’s post-pandemic rehabilitation budget must be renegotiated.

However, because Draghi is the only person to have started the series of changes that are required for the funds, analysts claim that she has little room for maneuver.

Giorgia Meloni wholeheartedly supports the EU’s sanctions on Russia over Ukraine despite her euroskepticism.

However, Berlusconi, a wealthy former premier who has known Vladimir Putin for a long time, faced criticism last week for implying that the Russian leader had been “pushed” into combat by his entourage.

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Japan Jumps Into Market to Buy Yen for First Time in 24 Years



Japan Jumps Into Market to Buy Yen for First Time in 24 Years. What does that mean for the Yen and the dollar?

TOKYO—Japan intervened in the foreign-exchange market to buy yen for the first time in 24 years, shortly after the Bank of Japan accelerated a fall in the currency by confirming it would maintain ultralow interest rates.

The rare intervention was the latest example of global concern triggered by the strong dollar, which has gained ground on the back of the Federal Reserve’s interest-rate increases.

The unexpected market operation comes as Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is asked to intervene to lessen the negative effects of price increases harming the household and corporate sectors, since public support for his Cabinet has lately declined.


Later on Thursday, during a news conference, Finance Minister Shunichi Suzuki stated that the government interfered in the foreign currency market that day in an effort to control erratic market movements, however he did not go into further detail on the precise time of the operation.


According to Suzuki, the yen-buying program “has had a certain effect.” In order to “adopt suitable policies” to reduce volatility in the foreign currency market, he promised that the government will “maintain close communication” with the Bank of Japan.

Masato Kanda, Japan’s senior currency diplomat, told reporters prior to Suzuki’s statement that “We took a serious measure” in response to market speculative swings, and that “We will continue to observe foreign exchange moves with a great sense of urgency.”

Hours after the yen reached a fresh 24-year low against the dollar, Kanda, a senior official in the Finance Ministry, warned Japan may interfere in the market “anytime” to stop it from falling significantly worse.

Why Buy Yen for First Time in 24 Years?

The BOJ maintained its ultralow rate policy on Thursday, as was widely anticipated, to support the pandemic-hit economy. The BOJ also maintained its dovish posture despite the significant decrease in the value of the yen during a worldwide wave of tightening monetary policy to combat inflation.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, energy and food costs have been rising rapidly all around the world.

In an effort to battle rising inflation, the U.S. Federal Reserve increased its benchmark policy rate by 0.75 percentage points on Wednesday, reinforcing the belief among market investors that the difference in interest rates between the US and Japan will continue to widen.

Before Kanda made the remarks, the dollar reached its best level since 1998 during Thursday’s trade in Tokyo over the 145-yen mark.

In a news conference held following the event, BOJ Governor Haruhiko Kuroda added that the bank will not be raising interest rates for the next two to three years.

As Japanese goods become more affordable abroad, the value of foreign earnings increases in yen terms. However, a falling yen raises import prices. More than 90% of Japan’s energy requirements are met by imports.

According to official statistics released on Tuesday, Japan’s core consumer prices increased for the 12th consecutive month in August, jumping 2.8 percent from a year earlier to a nearly eight-year high. This is the latest indication of cost-push inflation without wage growth.

The last time the Japanese government intervened by selling yen rather than purchasing it was in October and November 2011.

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Alleged Russian War Crimes in Ukraine Are Focus of U.S.



We back several national and international initiatives to gather and assess the growing body of evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine. United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

WASHINGTON— At the UN Security Council meeting on Thursday, the United States and its allies demanded a probe into suspected Russian war crimes in Ukraine, but they offered few specific recommendations on how to move the investigation along.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken addressed the audience at the United Nations Security Council meeting, saying, “We support a variety of national and international efforts to gather and assess increasing evidence of war crimes in Ukraine. “We must bring these offenders accountable.”

Last week, Biden expressed his personal conviction that Russian President Vladimir Putin was a “war criminal.” Moscow immediately denounced this statement, calling it “unacceptable and inexcusable rhetoric.”


In response to the US president’s remarks, the Russian government summoned the US ambassador to the nation this week and warned that relations between Washington and Moscow were “on the edge of collapse.”


According to Russian media, Russia informed Washington on Wednesday that it will expel a number of American diplomats in response for the US decision to remove Russian personnel from the United Nations mission.

The Path to Justice for Alleged Russian War Crimes

In a statement on Wednesday, Blinken said that strikes by Russian troops on residential complexes, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and other infrastructure had resulted in the deaths or injuries of thousands of people.

While the ICC is undertaking an inquiry, the difficulty is in tying “responsibility to the highest powers,” according to James Goldston, executive director of the Open Society Foundation’s Justice Initiative.

According to Goldston, “the court can address the accountability of any actor, including and up to the head of state.” The issue is whether or not they can support their position.

The US will continue to monitor claims of war crimes in Ukraine, according to Blinken, and “share information we acquire with friends, partners, and international institutions and organizations, as necessary.”


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Russian Soldier Perspective on Moscow’s Conflict in Ukraine



Pavel Filatyev, a Russian soldier, is among the most outspoken veterans of the battle, detailing what he calls the Russian navy’s failings in Ukraine in interviews and a 141-page written account revealed on-line.

Pavel Filatyev, a Russian soldier

Pavel Filatyev was aware of the implications of his words. The former paratrooper was aware that by facing prison, his former allies would label him a traitor and avoid him. His mother had advised him to leave Russia as soon as he could


The tactical marks painted on Russian army vehicles that have become a battle emblem in Russia are the inspiration for the title of his biography, ZOV. There hasn’t been a more thorough, voluntarily submitted testimony from a Russian soldier who took part in the invasion of Ukraine up to this point.


The Perspective of the War – Russia Soldier Gone Wild

Extracts from the book were published in the independent Russian press, and this war Russian soldier appeared on TV Rain via video for a live interview. Filatyev, whose father was a member of the 56th Guards air assault regiment headquartered in Crimea, explained how his worn-out and underequipped battalion had no clear logistics or objectives and had no clue why the conflict was even happening.

As the fighting continued on, Filatyev remembers his battalion being trapped in trenches for about a month close to Mykolaiv while being shelled by Ukrainian artillery. There, a shell shot muck into his eye, causing an infection that almost caused him to lose his sight. The Russian Soldier has termed the Moscow’s war in Ukraine as atrocious and unfair.

He wrote of stories of troops who allegedly shot themselves in the head in an effort to flee the front and get 3 million roubles (£40,542) in compensation, as well as rumors of acts of mutilation against captured soldiers and bodies, as discontent on the front rose. The book exposes the core rot that is within the uninformed war as described by the war Russian soldier.

Is Putin the Tsar Nicholas Reincarnate?

Mr. Filatyev, describing Moscow’s war in Ukraine claimed that the circumstances stunned him. He said that for months, no weapon or complete battle equipment, sleeping bag, or tourniquet were ever given to him. He said that soldiers would routinely converge for cold weather drills that were more akin to herding sheep than actual training.

Untidy uniforms were provided to new recruits. The cuisine in the mess hall was mediocre, and the showers frequently broke. Basics like butter, bread, and tea frequently ran out. Soup was presented as undercooked potatoes in water.

The soldier who was interviewed by the pro-Kremlin blogger claimed that while Russian forces had received good pre-invasion training, their advancement had been hampered by a lack of genuine combat experience. He claimed that troops only got familiar with time.

While Ukrainian countermeasures deployed well behind enemy lines continue to win ground, Russia continues its onslaught in the south and east of Ukraine. The most significant incident is the alleged strike on Russian airplanes this week at a Crimean airstrip.

Contrary to Moscow’s assertions that any aircraft was damaged, satellite photographs show that at least eight Russian jets were damaged or destroyed by explosions that rocked the base on Tuesday.

Concerns about the security of the nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia region keep growing as Moscow’s war in Ukraine continues. Russia’s arms export business is reportedly under pressure, according to the British Ministry of Defense.

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Hunger games – killing one every four seconds



Over 200 NGOs issued a dire warning on Tuesday, estimating that one person dies of hunger every four seconds, and urged swift global action to “end the spiraling world starving calamity.”

Skyrocketing hunger ranges

238 organizations from 75 countries, including Oxfam, Save the Children, and Plan International, voiced alarm at the rising rates of famine in an open letter to world leaders attending the United Nations General Assembly in New York.


According to a press release, “a startling 345 million people are currently suffering from severe famine, a number that has more than quadrupled since 2019.”


Famine is once more impending in Somalia despite pledges from international leaders that they would never permit famine in the twenty-first century. In 45 countries throughout the world, 50 million people are preparing to go hungry, they claimed.

Injustice of humanity

The NGOs said that up to 19,700 people are thought to be dying of malnutrition every day, which translates to 1 person dying of starvation every 4 seconds.

“It’s abhorrent that with all of the expertise in agriculture and harvesting approaches at the moment their is hunger in the twenty-first century. This is not only about one country or one continent, and there is no one cause of famine. That has to do with the unfairness that exists across all of mankind, he said. Immediate focus should be providing both immediate life-saving food. We should also have longer-term assistance so people can take control of their destiny.”

Mohanna Ahmed Ali Eljabaly

An outside voice; a voice of reason

NGOs claim that the world’s hunger crisis has been exacerbated by a “deadly mix of poverty, social injustice, gender inequality, conflict, climate change, and economic shocks,” as well as the lingering effects of the coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine, which raised food prices even higher.

Russia and Ukraine are the third and fourth-largest grain exporters in the world, respectively, and Russia is also a significant exporter of petroleum and fertilizer.

The battle, which is now in its seventh month, has hampered their exports, driven global food prices to record highs, and sparked demonstrations in poor nations that were already experiencing skyrocketing food costs as a result of supply chain concerns tied to COVID-19.

They said that in order to effectively address current crises and foresee and prepare for future ones, those with the ability and resources to alter this must band together.

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Democracy and Birth of a New Republic – Antigua



Prime Minister Gaston Browne speaking on democracy and what becoming a republics means

In a democracy people convene and exercise the government. In a republic, people get to administer the government through representatives.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne speaking on democracy and what becoming a republics means.
Prime Minister Gaston Browne speaking on democracy and what becoming a republics means. [PHOTO CREDITS: lauren/Reuters]

Antigua and Barduda has moved swiftly to remove Britain’s incoming King as their head of state. The move will see the country hold a referendum within three years making it a Republic. This comes following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. According to experts, the move might fuel republicanism in nations within the commonwealth favoring split with the Monarchy.


Antigua and Barbuda has been under the British since 1620s. The nation acted as a sugar colony until 1834 when it gained its freedom. The history of colonialization has driven calls for compensation based on horrific past under the British.


The Need for Democracy in Antigua

The country has been linked with major cases of corruption. It has also been accused of violating human-rights by upholding illegal laws. Although corruption has become an official crime, there are other legislations that need to be put in place. The laws should include the protection of all citizens including those engaged in same-sex affairs. The idea of the country becoming a republic has triggered countries such as Jamaica. The citizens have been pushing for a vote which Browne has promised to deliver with time.

Just a few months ago Antigua and Barbuda was willing to assist Britain in seizing yachts owned by Roman Abramovich. This was done in an effort to undermine President Vladimir Putin over Ukraine invasion. The attack on Ukraine forced a number of nations to impose sanctions on Russia and its known supporters.

The people of Antigua are excited but residents have a different view on what should be sorted out first. There are residents who feel that jumpstarting the economy following the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic is more meaningful than removing the queen. To them democracy and growth is better for the country than anything else.

There is a group that feel that tourism has slumped significantly and dismissing Britain might lead to a further downturn because the country depends on Britain tourists. The rest if the population is worried on the changes and the negative effects that might arise as a result of the elections.

There is fear that there will disruptions and new laws in place that might drive unemployment, increase taxation and government expenditure. There are many unanswered questions that can only be answered in the future on the need for democracy and growth of republicanism.

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Operation London Bridge: What happens if the Queen Dies



The Queen is currently receiving medical attention, and the Royal family has hurried to visit her after physicians voiced worry about her wellbeing. This comes as the world is worried over Operation London Bridge.

Her Majesty, 96, is currently residing in Balmoral, Scotland, where she on Tuesday received Liz Truss, the new prime minister.


Her condition has subsequently become worse, as confirmed by a representative for Buckingham Palace: “Following additional assessment this morning, the Queen’s physicians are concerned about Her Majesty’s health and have suggested she remain under medical monitoring.”


After learning of the Queen’s condition, BBC news presenters changed into black attire. Following the news, the broadcaster has likewise halted its regularly scheduled programming.

Operation Unicorn is a precise strategy in place in the event that the Queen passes away in Balmoral.

Elizabeth II in 2015
Elizabeth II in 2015

Operation Unicorn is a painstakingly designed and routinely updated strategy that will guarantee efficient and organized operations in the event of the Queen’s passing.

The Scottish Parliament will be suspended immediately if the Queen passes away while residing at her home in Scotland. The government will have 36 hours to get ready for a motion of condolence in the chamber.

If the news is made during business hours, the London Stock Exchange and maybe other companies would close.

Jonathan Freedland of The Guardian said that many Britons felt “compelled to close their businesses or postpone sporting events on the day of the funeral, lest they face the anger of the tear-stained throngs outside” after Princess Diana passed away in 1997.

It seems conceivable that there will be much more widespread public sorrow over the Queen’s demise given her status and how deeply she was knit into the fabric of contemporary Britain.

The Department of Culture, Media, and Sport will establish the procedures that the government entities will adhere to.

If no unexpected events arise, an Accession Council will be held at St. James’s Palace to formally announce Prince Charles as the successor after the majority of staff employees have left and the public attractions have closed.

Privilege council members, lords, the lord mayor of London, high commissioners from several Commonwealth nations, and others will attend the Accession Council.

King Charles will succeed Queen Elizabeth II when she passes away, therefore this council is not necessary to “officially” designate him the new monarch. A ruler is always seated on the throne. Additionally, unlike the Union Flag, the Royal Standard is never flown at half-mast.

Members of both chambers of Parliament will have the chance to swear a fresh oath of loyalty to the new king or queen. The current monarch must be sworn in by all members of Parliament.

A House of Lords spokesperson confirmed to Insider that members of both chambers will also deliver yet-to-be-determined addresses of sympathy and loyalty to the future monarch.

Both houses will thereafter be adjourned until the official state funeral has concluded.

The formal notification for the general public will be made by a newsflash to the Press Association and international media sources when certain officials have been informed of Queen Elizabeth’s passing through Operation London Bridge.

A footman will simultaneously publish the news of her passing outside Buckingham Palace. The message will also be visible on the palace website.

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